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A garage door is a strong and heavy piece of equipment, but it needs maintenance and repair just like anything else. When a part breaks suddenly, customers can often think back and remember some type of sign that all wasn’t right. Perhaps the door took longer to open and close or got stuck halfway through the process. You might recall that the garage door made a high-pitched sound as it went up and down. It’s always a good idea to contact Galaxy Garage Door Service when you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Whether your garage door gave you warning or not, we’re always available to repair it for you. This means that we’re open when other garage repair companies in Louisville, KY are closed. You don’t have to schedule an appointment when you need emergency service. If you’re considering new installation, it’s a relief to know that we only put in garage doors created from the best materials in the industry. This gives them the durability that people associate with our company’s products.

Variety of Options 

You’re never at a loss for options when you work with Galaxy Garage Door Service. Whether you need new parts, a new accessory, or a new door, we will never say that you have to be content with whatever we offer you. Since we carry such a large line of products, the choice is yours. We want your garage door to be pleasant to look at in addition to being completely safe. Any door that we sell you has already been weather-proofed.

Some garage door service companies in and around Louisville, KY say their product will last for 10 or 20 years, but we don’t hesitate to say that ours will last for life. If it gives any indication of failing before that, let us know so we can remedy the situation. The high-grade ingredients used in manufacturing our garage doors mean that they won’t be destroyed by moisture in a few years. After we install a new door, we like to visit you annually to see how it’s doing.

The Right Garage Door 

If it was easy to be an industry leader, every garage door repair and installation service company across Louisville, KY community would be one. Galaxy Garage Door Service has worked extremely hard to get to where we’re at today. This means providing outstanding products and services in addition to always keeping our word. We believe in open communication and complete transparency as the best way to do business.

We know that we’re not the only company that offers these services in this region of Louisville, KY. You had several others to choose from and decided to pick us. We hope you agree that was a wise thing to do. Everything you have heard about Galaxy Garage Door Service is true, such as we’re always available and we do exemplary work. There is nothing fun about having a broken garage door, but we’re here to relieve your stress and get you back to normal life.